5 ways to use your social isolation time

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

While the country is gradually shifting to talk about reopening plan, still most dining and entertainment options shut down in California, you are extremely cautious to jump right on to that normalcy before the Coronavirus. Trust me, I was very afraid of even ordering food delivery. Finally tried yesterday for the first time since quarantine. Boy, it will be a while for us to be comfortably dining out.  So in this social isolation time, what you can do? I (in the better day) look at it as an opportunity to catch up with things we don’t get to do in normal circumstances, because of the busy-ness, social and work engagement, travels… whatever the excuse, we give to ourselves.

Here are the 5 things SRES® has suggested in its newsletter;

  1. Finish up the undone home maintenance projects that you haven’t had time to get to.
  2. If you’ve been planning a Marie Kondo-style purge, now’s the time to do it.
  3. Pull out the programmable thermostat, LED bulbs, and low-flow showerheads and faucets that you stashed away. Install them now to start saving money on your utility bills.
  4. Think about your current estate plan and any modifications you may want to make. And if you don’t have one, start planning one and get a future appointment with your lawyer on the calendar. See: https://on.wsj.com/3a7Wmgj  
  5. Plan and design your garden. For tips, see: https://www.gardendesign.com/summer/tips.html

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